Your industrial projects require a partner able to forward in complete safety and in any reliability of the heavy cargo on sometimes very long distances and in often difficult conditions (state of roads, relief, weather report). To answer all your requirements, AGORA SHIPPING &LOGISTICS brings you a complete range of service keys in hand. Thanks to our teams and Partners specialized in the exceptional routing of the parcel, we forward in complete safety your parcel of the point of loading until destination.

In study shift, our specialists intervene to appreciate the feasibility of your project.

  • Road survey ;
  • Quotation;
  • Logistic Execution plan;

If in case of need, we can coordinate the works.

In step of execution, we provide you a complete range of equipment:

  • Lifting equipment,
  • Road transport of heavy loads,
  • Trailers specialized for parcels ultra-lengths.
  • Services adapted for the OOG Cargo:
  • Management of the administrative and statutory authorizations,
  • Secured Load and unloading,
  • Escort,
  • Support by trucks workshops,
  • Installation and putting on-site,
  • Tracking of the routings, etc.